Providing local expert services so no-one has to face a mental health problem alone

  • For every £1 invested £6.07
    was the social return on investment
    University of Bristol, Social Return on Investment impact study, 2014
  • We received over 3,800
    referrals in 2013-14
  • ... and achieved an 81%
    clinical recovery
    Royal College of Psychiatrist's National Audit of Psychological Therapies, 2013

Information, tips, podcasts and resources for...

  • Wellbeing

    What does wellbeing mean? Read more

  • Resilience

    What is resilience? Find out about how to develop emotional resilience and skills to respond to adversity. Read more

  • Recovery

    What is Recovery? What does it mean to people who have experienced mental distress? Read more

What's been happening here

  • Black Poetry Day

    Black Poetry Day - Client Voices Read more

  • The Way Ahead

    Looking to gain qualifications or find a job? Then The Way Ahead project may be for you! Read more

  • Care Act Advocacy

    Advocacy is taking action to help people say what they want, secure their legal rights, represent their interests and obtain the services they need. Under the Care Act 2014, we provide independent advocacy for people in Hackney. Read more

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